Do you fear for the integrity of the artwork when it has to be transported from one place to another?

Have you entrusted the transport of your works to untrained and inexperienced staff even at the risk of damage?

Have you been given poor quality packaging that has put at risk the artistic work?
Has someone organised an exhibition for you with not the expected results?

Ask us about our services of:

• Transport of works of art
• Exhibition assembly
• Customs formalities
• Packaging of works of art
• Artworks storage

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    Transportation of works of art (Ground transport)

    We have our own fleet of vehicles specially designed, created and equipped for the transport of Cultural Property both nationally and internationally, in which maximum safety plays a leading role.

    To do this, all our vehicles incorporate the latest technology and innovation in this field: integral bodywork with safety panels and with air conditioning system and humidity meter controlled from the cabine, allowing us continuous control of the climatic conditions of the works during transport. The vehicles also feature fire detection and extinguishing dry dust system, air suspension, real-time geo location systems, alarm systems and safety locks, rear view camera, lift platforms and absolute locking of them and interior walls with grip system.

    All this facilitates the transportation work, loading and unloading, ensuring the perfect maintenance of the transported cultural goods at the same time that we provide maximum comfort to our workers.

    We always travel with two licensed drivers and all our vehicles have specific transport and handling insurance for works of art.

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    Transportation of works of art (air and sea)

    Our transport service is not only in national territory, we can also carry out international air and sea transfers.

    Not only do we ensure that the works remain intact from their original point to their destination, but in the case of air and sea transport we also carry out all the procedures related to customs procedures (import/export), the documents formalization and the custom duties both at origin and in destination and within and outside the European Union.

    We have authorized supervisors to access port facilities, who are responsible for accompanying the mailings during the loading and unloading operations of the works.

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    Works of art manipulation

    The perfect manipulation of the cultural good is a fundamental value, along with dedication, quality and safety. That’s why we always work with highly qualified staff. Our cultural property handling team is specialized, qualified and has an average of 15 years of experience as well as ongoing training.

    We use the most suitable handling, preservation and safety materials for each part depending on its technique and thus ensure that we meet the quality standards.

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    Exhibition assembly

    A great trajectory and proven experience in the assembly of Contemporary Art endorses us. We make possible the creative universe proposed by both national and international artists, art curators, designers and coordinators. We work from the feeling so that our exhibition setups awaken the best emotions.

    We work in painting, sculpture, audiovisual, photography exhibitions or any subject and form that acquires the work, and we always do so under two premises: quality and delicacy. We are able to capture cutting-edge art in its own sense. We are also specialists in audiovisual and multimedia installations; we work with our own material and staff with the latest technology.

    We carry out “turnkey” exhibition projects based on the needs required in each situation: assembly, lighting, air conditioning, humidity, safety, framing and exhibition elements for cultural goods.

    In addition, we have our own technical resources, such as workshops, machinery, mobile machinery, and warehouses, which allow us to have greater control of the production and assembly process.

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    Packaging manufacturing

    Years of experience in the sector, indicate that the packaging system of a cultural asset is decisive and crucial for its conservation, safety and stability. That is why we are specialists in works of art packaging manufacturing. Our professionalism and rigor are accentuated, even more so, when developing this service.

    We make tailor made packaging, taking into account the characteristics and techniques of each work and assessing all the details of the parts to ensure their perfect packaging, transport and unpacking.

    We offer a wide range of packaging according to the needs of each piece:

    • Simple Protective Packaging
    • Basic Rigid Packaging
    • Rigid packaging according to institution standards
    • Rigid Packaging with Guides
    • Shared Rigid Packaging
    • Packaging with Guillotines for items with volumen
    • Vibration protection box
    • Double Climate Box
    • Pre-frames for travel
    • Specific Rigid Sculpture Packaging
    • Rigid Packaging for Large Format works
    • Metal packaging

    Of course, all our packaging complies with the strictest quality and preservation regulations in this area. We use specific materials for this top quality material, always certified and neutral.

    We also offer packaging rental for time and cost optimisation.

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    Artworks storage

    We have more than 800 sqm in different spaces for the storage and custody of museum and private collections. These are storage spaces according to the criteria of conservation, safety and functionality. In addition, we also have a transit warehouse.

    We value the importance of the safety of cultural goods, so our facilities have the most advanced technology in safety and conservation measures. These elements have been specifically designed for the storage of works of art under the strictest security measures and air conditioning systems, among others.

    If you are interested, we have a Facility Report available. You just have to ask for it.

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    Adequacy and adaptation of exhibition spaces / Museography

    We take care of the production, from the beginning, of any museum project, both in national and international territory. This means that we supply, manufacture and assemble all the elements that make up an exhibition project. We work with elements of wood, methacrylate, metal, forex, foam, as well as modular walls of small and large format. We have a wide variety of supports and finishes with vinyl printing, adhesives and gussets.

    None of the materials we use in the space adequacy are abrasive or polluting, so we ensure greater durability and strength. In addition, we have a mobile alarm centre for exhibition elements and parts that require it due to their great value.

    All this with a completely personalized treatment, adjusted to the clients needs. We always advise on the best material to use for each project. Our team has a wide and proven experience in this field, so we put it at the customer’s service.

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    Other services

    • Nail to Nail Insurance Management
    • Security and management of escorts
    • Management, Coordination and Assistance of Post Office “Courier”
    • Customs service
    • Loading and Unloading Authorization Service and Mobility Restrictions
    • Transport coordination
    • Framing
    • Rental:
      • Rigid Packaging/ Packaging Boxes of different sizes and qualities
      • Rigid packaging for small-format, large-format books
      • Self-supporting structures and supports of different sizes and modalities
      • Museum furniture
      • Display, Enaras and Roll Up
      • POP UPS
      • Video Monitors
      • Plasma TV of different inches
      • Monitor Mounts: Wall, foot or floor
      • Self-supporting front projection screens with frame of different sizes
      • Back-projection screens
      • DVD
      • Bluray
      • Media Players
      • Projectors
      • Loudspeakers of different sizes and powers adapted to different spaces
      • Floor and tower spotlights in different shapes and sizes
      • Lane illumination spotlights
      • Lighting rail
      • Wooden platforms
      • Homologated 2 x 1 platforms with legs of different heights
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    The transport of artworks that you deserve, just a click away

    Transport of artwork of art and integral solutions in artistic spaces

    The transport and handling of art, be it paintings, sculptures or graphic work, requires a lot of security, very specific atmospheric conditions for each type of material, a packaging according to its characteristics, a qualified and experienced staff… otherwise it is very likely that the work will end up with irreparable damage… and we don’t want that to happen, do we?

    You need to stop worrying and have the maximum tranquillity that each piece of art will be transported and treated with all the care it deserves. You need the exhibition to be a real success, that everything is perfect. You need us. Why?

    At Josearte we are specialists in museum projects. We’re in the art transportation, yes, but not just that! We also offer:

    • Artworks manipulation
    • Exhibition Assembly
    • Packaging manufacturing
    • Artworks storage
    • Adequacy and adaptation of exhibition spaces
    • And much more…

    Discover our services and gain security and peace of mind


    Extensive experience has allowed us to be a reference in the handling, assembly and art works transportation field. Our goal is to make art and culture available to everyone. It is a satisfaction that our work contributes to generate and value cultural heritage.

    Throughout all these years we have diversified and expanded our services, which has allowed us to work with large clients who have placed their trust in us. Professionalism and transparency are the basis of our work. Responsibility, commitment and continuous training, our team’s leitmotiv.

    High quality commitment


    It is vital for us that our work is perfect. Our goal is maximum efficiency. We work under the goal of making customers happy; we are always trying to exceed their expectations.

    We are passionate about our work


    We are passionate about working with artists, art curators, cultural managers… and above all, we love to know that we contribute to bringing culture closer to the citizens.

    We like


    We have worked with very demanding timings, clients and projects, we face them proactively, always with a smile and solving problems effectively.

    Our commitment with the environment is strong.

    Our commitment with the environment is strong. We are immersed in an important environmental project based on two pillars: use of vehicles with less CO2 emission, recycling and reuse of raw materials. In addition, we contribute with several associations to repopulate forests.

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